Mighty King

by Talha Kaya

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I began composing Mighty King over one and a half year ago. I was playing and singing it to a few friends last summer. Since then, I left it until I get my equipments right so that I would record it in good quality. But a month ago I decided to record some demos of the songs. When I began recording, waiting for the right equipment felt like forever, and I thought my recording session went well, so I decided to release this thing as it is.
I’m not sure about the artistic value of this work, I don’t know if anyone will really love it; but it is of great importance to me personally. It reflects what I was going through in my head when I was composing it. The theme of Mighty King feels very similar to what I feel like going through every day. It’s about trying to create (art) but never feeling like you achieved anything. It’s about when you feel like your mind is torturing you. It’s about these glamorous artistic dreams that you have to confess that they are never going to happen.
And then, you have to find out that with something like art, you can’t really achieve much, whatever other people would think. You have to realize that you’re not really creating anything but rather you’re collecting these moments from your life and poorly trying to transform those moments into another form. You have to realize that creating art is not always about you, and the thing you created is not yours.
You’re, indeed, creating an illusion of sorts.


released July 24, 2013

Acoustic guitar and vocal by me, Talha Kaya.

I’d like to thank my friends and family. Also, I’m grateful to Chris van der Linden for helping me with everything, and making me believe that I can release a full album.

Cover photo by the awesome Mister Pongle.




Talha Kaya Istanbul, Turkey

I make video games and music.

I like pudding. If I was a pudding, I would eat myself immediately and be okay with my decision after doing it.

Contact: talhakayamusic@gmail.com

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Track Name: Always There
It doesn't begin without pain
It doesn't end like giving birth
You never create something new
You never burn the curtains
It's all there, was always there
It's more than you see, you hear

It's one step back from the insane.
Yet it's the thing that keeps you sane
Where would you be without it?
It's all there, was always there.
You've lied to yourself all this time.
Track Name: Sleep
Divine forces unite
Divine forces unite
Divine forces unite

You lie as the sun burns your throat
You've been asleep all this time just to wake here
It's no salvation as you guessed
It's just pain and pain and more pain

Small people inside your head come out
Small people gathered around you
Hitting with sarcastic sticks
You can reach with your hand to kill
But kill the pain you never will

You'll never get out of here you think
These midgets, these feelingless angels
Whatever they are, they are here to stay

Oh beautiful sleep
Make me forget this pain, oh sleep
Be my saviour and please kill my pain
Track Name: Hours Of Burning Sun
Hours of burning sun
Bruises always bring new friends
Am I damned in this lonely world
Am I to witness there is no salvation

Small angels fear the dark
They fear how they will fail
Fail to kill the ugly beast
That is you

You'll never get out of this limbo
This unborn child of pain
You'll never stand up for yourself
To kill the pain with bear hands
To get rid of these filthy insults
That are just feelingless empty bottles of painkillers
These unmighty angels
These torturers

Was it all to die, die here
Track Name: Forest Of Silence
I was a man to fear the loneliness
I was a man to fear the cold
Now on this cold night as my body shivers
I miss the presence of even my torturers

My heart bleeds, only you would know
If only you were here to rest my head on
Your shoulders my shelters
Your body my shrine

I'd rather sleep to look around
Only to see the blue dark cold night

The forest of silence
Wolves' eyes, blue fire inside

The green is not glowing
Red is just not there
Blue is everywhere
It startles me only to see
Nothing ever comes around
I expected so much more
It doesn't come around
I expected so much more

Music does not play here
I'm frightened to hear something else
I put my hands to my ears
I'm losing it more with every breath
I'm losing it more with every breath
I'm losing it more with every breath

One can't suffer more than he needs
Everyone eventually will win or just sleep
That's my coldest story
How I stepped into another sleep
Track Name: Mighty King
Memories of yesterday dare me to wake
I wake at the yellow hall of the "Mighty King", as they call him
He stands happy and proud with the flute he's playing
Midgets happily dancing, having fun, fooling around

Mighty King welcomes me and shows me around
Music's playing everywhere we go
The joy of harmony in my ears and heart
Creating an illusion of heaven and beyond

I belong here, I'll never leave
Just to stay and look up the blue sky
I'll give up everything I have to give
Just to stay and look up the blue sky
The harmony of this place and my body

Mighty King speaks and points
The blue orb is here, it's all you want
You didn't know what you're after
Every search should have an aim
You've been lost till today
Cause it was nowhere you've tried going
The blue orb was always here
The music you seek is inside
Track Name: Blue Orb
The blue orb he left me with
I've waited it to shine
I've waited till the beautiful moonlight

The blue night was here to stay
The orb went up and shined and shined
The anxiety I felt in my heart
Anyone would say the world was going apart

The beam was born out of nowhere
Rising to infinity, tearing up the sky
I finally saw what was in the air
The music
The meaning
The light
I've realized they are all one
I've realized they are divine

Finally with this realization
I thought I found my salvation
But the pain silently waited to catch me by surprise

That night I slept under the light
Dreamt the most beautiful dreams
Floating around weightlessly
But nothing's ever what it seems
Track Name: Mighty King 2
Mighty King is calling me
What music did I bring to him
Since I slept under the light
How will I pay back for the most beautiful night

I try to sing nicely, but I fail each time
I remember everything
The things that I've been through
Nothing seems to give me the inspiration

Lost in the empty fields of nausea
Lost in the empty fields of nausea
Lost in another dark cold world
I must overcome the sorrow
But it's hopeless

I'm here for myself
And I dare to stand for my own truth
But my passion fades away
My sorrows win the game
I feel there's more but I just can't go beyond

Mighty King and his mighty sword
Showing they can end it all
Please will you stop the pain
Please help for my cure
I promise I'll stand and do the best that I can
To bring music, music of my own
Music for you to explore
My journey will never end
And my life will be recorded
And my passion will bring inspiration
To those who seek their own truth

So please will you stop the pain
Please help for my cure
I promise I'll stand and do the best that I can
To bring music, music of my own
Music, music of my own

His sword shines with wisdom
His eyes create a hole on the ground
Only to get bigger and bigger
And the bigger it gets, the closer to me
Until I finally start to fall
Fall, fall, fall to infinity
From yellow to the ugliest brown I fall
Fires burn and I fall
Bruises burn and I fall
I scream in horror
What did I do wrong

A glimpse of light in my mind
In the core of my thoughts
I found my wrong
Track Name: Illusion
In the middle of an ocean I hear the music playing
Beautiful poems, beautiful voices
Dancing through my ears

I see the music, I can reach with my hand
Yet I dare not to touch it
I only try to comprehend

Music is there
It was always there
Build your own world filled with harmony

But music you cannot change
Music you cannot move
Music you cannot create
You can only and only use

Strum your guitar and sing along
Your soul is free but not your words
It's neither mine or yours
Beauty is there to embrace

Noone can create music
You're creating an illusion
You're creating an illusion
You're creating an illusion
You're creating an illusion